Support the Glen Elbe Learning & Experience Centre

By August 7, 2020 August 31st, 2020 No Comments

As part of the 1000 Acre Challenge, we are raising money and support for what will be known as the “Glen Elbe Learning & Experience Centre”.

In 2019, a remarkable woman named Jane Topping, passed away and generously donated her Glen Elbe farm property and home, to TIWLT. We are looking for volunteers to help with gardening, pruning, carpentry and trail maintenance – but we have four initiatives that need your financial support.

For every $100 donated, a donor’s (or honouree’s) name will be added to the “4Ever Wall”. For $200, you can have two plaques. Consider this an opportunity to make a gift that will be displayed within the Glen Elbe restoration, literally forever! It makes a wonderful gift and remembrance and you get a full tax receipt. Some of the reasons people have chosen so far remembering include weddings, birthdays, end-life, even a favourite 4-legged companion. They are all excellent reasons to support 4ever and help TIWLT. Every $100 you donate gets you a $100 CRA approved tax receipt as well as a 4”x12” 4ever tile displayed in the Veranda.

Learn more and select a campaign you’d like to support to help Glen Elbe grow. Thank you for your support!

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